McCartney Multimedia Newsletter (Volume 37)

Hello and Happy Spring!
Welcome to the 37th edition of our company newsletter! After all the rain we’ve been having here in Southern California, although the freeways were just atrocious, at least it’s left us with a rare “super-bloom” of native California poppies and other flora to enjoy. And, now that spring is here, life is starting afresh!
We’ve been busy little bees as well from the last time we published our newsletter, so here’s what’s been happening:

Photo courtesy Smithsonian

Photo courtesy Smithsonian

Introducing: The Artist Package

Attention Artists and Managers!
Due to recent requests from fellow artists & musicians for a comprehensive music industry service offering, we’ve produced just that.
Jointly combining over 50 years of experience in various disciplines inside the music industry, Ruth and Martin sat down and poured their collective suggestions into an 11-page “toolkit” that’s now ready for download.
If you need a studio in Hollywood, or if you’re looking to do a small L.A. club tour, or create a series of 15-second Instagram “Spotlight” videos, we’re the guys you’re gonna wanna talk to.

Click and download the PDF from our page.

Or, if you prefer, just click on the video below, to see a quick preview of the many services we can provide to both emerging and legacy artists.

McCartney Studios

Introducing: Spotlights

Ever since we started our “Netspots” email commercial campaigns back in early 2000, marketing and social media has come full circle. Macromedia Flash went the way of all things as far as emails, and now we are able to stream real, high-quality video, thanks to social media platforms and their technological developments. Nowadays, it’s become much faster, thus more economical, to turn around a social media video message, and we’ve been creating them for artists and corporate clients alike over the last few months. Video is King, especially when you’re scrolling down your Instagram feed and the message starts automatically playing, it really gets people’s attention. In fact, current statistics show that video gets a minimum of 3x more views than just still images. So, get in touch with us to see how we can help you watch those views, likes, shares and revenue grow.

Here are some examples:

More from McCartney Studios:

As we told you in our last issue, we recently worked with the SoCal Heavy Metal Band HEAVY JUSTICE to conceptualize, shoot and edit a music video.

The song entitled: “When Inmates Run The Asylum”, took a week to prep, 2 days to shoot and about 6 weeks to edit.
We’re very pleased with the result (even though it may be a little disturbing to some). Be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart! Before you watch it, we highly recommend you read the creative storyboard first, that was developed by creative director Martin Nethercutt and video director Deven Parmar. You’ll see what goes into a production like this, so the next time we hear: “Video? Editing?… oh my 13 year old cousin can do this with his Android!”, well maybe. But then again, maybe not.

Synopsis by Martin Nethercutt and Deven Parmar

Our story opens on a wide shot of an aerial of an old asylum as we slowly approach the entrance over the guitar intro. We cross cut to a similar slow push-in of the empty asylum basement with HEAVY JUSTICE, in street clothes, revealing that they are playing the soundtrack to our story.
Flashes of inside of the asylum, the head DOCTOR and NURSE, our BAND members restrained and catatonic, inside the confines of the hospital. Also, foreshadowing glimpses of NEILIO, wandering the empty halls of the asylum late night by himself. As the vocals and song kicks in, Neilio leads us on the tour of this world. Cross-cutting from him telling the story inside the halls and within the morgue where Doctor and Nurse perform surgical experiments in the background.  Neilio’s face shows us hints of the insanity.

Meanwhile, we see glimpses of the BAND all in catatonic states, with Doctor and Nurse trying to feed them pills, (of which they are rejecting the pharma doses), testing them, writing notes. The PATIENTS, sit in a “help group” each with their own individual issues as the Doctor and Nurse evaluate them.

As the song builds and Neilio screams out, the BAND awakens, wide-eyed and driven by the music. Each BAND member wanders out through the halls with new purpose. In the psych ward with the other PATIENTS, each BAND member finds an object to simulate a musical instrument (mop, vacuum, drum buckets). They begin “playing” a concert as the PATIENTS also awaken and start rocking out. The Doctor and Nurse, in the hall, discover what’s going on through the window and begin to panic.

NEILIO rallies the BAND and PATIENTS into a full uprising!  He leads them into a mutiny, overrunning the DOCTOR and NURSE, strapping them into a gurney and wheelchair and locking them up in the asylum!  

The BAND and PATIENTS pile into the elevator as they begin their escape. As the doors open, they pour out a la George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead.” They run through the halls together, united as one, making their successful escape from the prescribed madness of a pharmaceutical diet.

We book end the story as we pull away from the BAND in the basement and the exterior of the asylum, cutting to BLACK…

Heavy Justice - When Inmates Run he Asylum (Official Music Video)

Director’s Dispatch

Director Xavier Burgin

Director Xavier Burgin

Recently our talented director and friend Xavier Burgin was nominated for an Emmy© for outstanding Directing of a Digital Drama Series for GIANTS. Congratulations indeed!

The news comes at a time when Xavier has been busy releasing his new documentary “Horror Noire” a history of the African American experience in the horror movie genre.

Get Out writer-director Jordan Peele and Candyman star Tony Todd are two of the movie notables interviewed in a new documentary called Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, EW can exclusively reveal. Horror Noire is based on the book of the same name by Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman and takes a critical look at a century of genre films that by turns utilized, caricatured, exploited, sidelined, and embraced both black filmmakers and black audiences. Horror Noire is the first original feature documentary from Shudder and will premiere exclusively on the horror- and thriller-streaming service Feb. 7 after special screening events in New York and Los Angeles earlier in the month.”

Xavier will be Angie’s guest on #Teaflix Tuesdays on April 9th at 11:30am PST.

Watch the trailer below. Learn more about Xavier here>>


Social Media Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful explanations of what all these new social tags mean. Hootsuite has compiled an excellent list, so you can keep up with today’s online marketing jargon, social lingo, acronyms and symbols.

From Hootsuite:

“Unless you spend every waking moment on social media, it’s tough to keep up with all the new terminology and trends in the space. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive list of social media definitions.

This glossary will help you stay on top of the latest concepts in social marketing (and understand what the kids are talking about today). Bookmark this page! It’s a living document that will evolve as we add and subtract entries, expand our definitions, and provide more context for the most important terms.”

View list here…

Mrs. McCartney’s Teas

With Passover, Easter and Mother’s Day fast approaching, we think it’s a great time to have tea with your family and relatives. Put the kettle on, gather around and most importantly tell the kids to put their devices down and listen. There’s still time for us to ship it to you so get a wiggle on!
Visit and order yours today!

Teaflix Tuesdays

Our dearly beloved Facebook Live show TEAFLIX TUESDAYS hosted by Dr. Angie McCartney, has turned 1 year old! So here are some musical highlights, in case you were too busy on Tuesday mornings to catch every episode. TEAFLIX covers everything from pop culture to cancer, authors to winemakers, chefs to directors, and it’s also a music-centric half hour where Angie, Ruth and I talk to artists and producers live and unscripted. Here are a few of our faves. Click each video to visit the archives and see them all.

Week 20 with Mike Portnoy of Avenged Sevenfold, Sons of Apollo and Neal Morse Band

Week 20 with Mike Portnoy of Avenged Sevenfold, Sons of Apollo and Neal Morse Band

Week 39 with Matthew and Gunnar Nelson

Week 39 with Matthew and Gunnar Nelson

Week 24 with Miss Melissa Manchester

Week 24 with Miss Melissa Manchester

Week 32 with Lawrence Gowan of Styx

Week 32 with Lawrence Gowan of Styx

McCartney Times (

Remembering Geoff Emerick

Dr. Angie McCartney reflecting on Geoff Emerick at Capitol Studios

Dr. Angie McCartney reflecting on Geoff Emerick at Capitol Studios

We three were invited to a private memorial service dedicated to the late GREAT Geoff Emerick at Capitol Studios in Hollywood on January 21st 2019. (Geoff passed away on October 2nd 2018).

It was hosted by Miss Paula Salvatore, (VP and Studio Manager), who had had the pleasure of working with Geoff over several years, and was attended by approximately 100 people, many of whom are noted engineers and filmmakers who had benefited from Geoff’s friendship and expertise over the years, and in numerous locations around the globe.

Geoff’s long time friend, Bill Smith organized the event, and eulogies to Geoff were accompanied by a range of photographs and videos in Studio A, which echoed with the strains of many famous musicians who have worked there.

Bill opened the proceedings with his own emotional tribute to Geoff, and was joined by Howard Massey, who co-wrote Geoff’s book “Here, There and Everywhere”, which was published in 2006, and is today considered the Bible of recording engineers everywhere. Even the younger generation of up and coming technicians all own a well-read copy of this book. Most of them say they carry it around in their backpack. Alan Parsons spoke to a crowd that included Jeff Greenberg of Village Studios, Grammy® winning legends Al Schmitt, Niko Bolas and more. Angie and Ruth’s words from that night can be read at the link below.

(Read entire article)

McCartney Sports

McCartney Sports is a company within the McCartney Group GmbH. Founded 2013 in Vienna, Austria by Mag. Raimund Carl and part of the McCartney clan, represented by Angie & Ruth McCartney and Martin Nethercutt in Los Angeles. Since the beginning, famed Austrian tennis player Gilbert Schaller has been on board as sports director. Schaller achieved a career-high singles ranking of World No. 17 in 1995. At the 1995 French Open, Schaller upset World No. 2 Pete Sampras in the first round in a five set match.

The company manages tennis players and handles everything they need to forge a successful career including coaching, physio, investments, tournament placement, travel and sponsorships. Our talented team won 2 silver medals in the Rio Olympics, and they continue to play around the world at Indian Wells, Wimbledon, the Paris Open and more. Visit our partners in Vienna, Austria. 

The GIS of Comedy

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 5.30.01 PM.png

The GIs of Comedy is a comedic troupe of troops, who have taken their love of their country and brought it to the comedy stage. Quite simply, as the motto says, they’re Standup Comics. All Veterans. Still Serving Their Country. One Joke At A Time. Thom Tran, Jose Sarduy, and Tom Irwin are the Original GIs of Comedy. Since the team was created, nearly a dozen new members have joined the team from all different branches including the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy & US Marine Corps. All professional comedians trying to bring laughter to their brothers and sisters still in uniform.

Their mission and their goal is to help heal their fellow soldiers with their comedy, and to bring laughter to all those who have supported the people that wear the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. The team has performed in nearly two dozen countries, over 30 continental states, and to THOUSANDS of fans.

Visit their site

So, that’s it from us for this edition, and all there’s left to say is: Stay happy, stay healthy! We hope you've enjoyed Volume 37 of the McCartney Multimedia, Inc. newsletter.
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