Mrs. McCartney's Teas

The Teas ~ Organic, Fair Trade & Fab!
Angie is featuring a myriad of fab flavours of Organic and Fair Trade Teas for you to enjoy - you can find them by clicking here and each purchase will directly benefit the Linda McCartney Breast Cancer Research Centre in Liverpool, UK.


Angie McCartney ~ The Tea Lady
Having had high tea with both billionaires and busboys, notables and the notorious, Angie is well versed in the art of conversation with her common touch approach to life. As the only living Beatles' step-mom, she's always ready to regale with anecdotes of inspiration, humor, survival instincts, small business tips and tricks, backstage tidbits, and is interested in everything and everybody. In fact, once you've got the kettle on for some of her truly astonishing teas, why don't you treat yourself to a signed copy of her book? Angie still has major plans to take over the world. Look out Betty White!

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