Custom Designed Software Platforms

Custom Code

Need something more than a "point and click" system to run your robust back end? No sweat. HTML5. Java. Python. Ruby/Rails. Sinatra. Magento. ASP. dotNet. Drupal. Joomla. NoSQL / Mongo DB...all customized. Comprende? We have a 'fridge full of Mountain Dew. And we speak your language. 

CMS - Content Management Systems.
What does that really mean? Well, at McCartney, it means we put you in the driver's seat. Tired of waiting 3 weeks for your web person to correct a typo THEY made? Yep. We hear ya! So, let's talk control people. Let's talk CMS.

Databases are many things to many people but between us grown-ups, they are a way to manage your Fanz and customers, handle your e-marketing, update your web site, anticipate orders, register event attendees, talk to your CPA in digits he/she will understand, and generally clear your mind so that you have left over bandwidth for learning Sudoku.

Site Maintenance
Ring ring. Ring ring. Welcome to voicemail. Is your web person's phone giving you the brush off? If you are too busy and successful, or possibly just a tad technologically challenged don't worry, we got this.
With an automated update ticket system, you email us, we send you a receipt, and presto chango, the next available operator grabs your ticket and your site is as fresh as a daisy.

Interface Design
Should form follow function? Or should function follow form? At McCartney, we believe that your customers' brains, eyeballs and clicks should determine that for your particular industry. Our team will work with you to establish message and medium. If you are a fine artist or a digital kiosk vendor; an e-commerce web site or a pop star, your viewers expect different things. And we're very very good at different.