Two Ways to Play

At McCartney we offer 2 merch. solutions:

  • Order in quantity from our catalog and have the order drop-shipped to your fulfillment house.

  • We build an online, turnkey store for you for just $169 one time cost, and only print and ship each item AFTER it is ordered and paid for by your customer. No monthly fees. You decide the selling price, we deduct the hard cost, you keep 100% of the markup. Payouts once a month via ACH or check.

Make a phone appointment today and see which is the best solution for you.

View the flip catalog below or download the full size PDF.

McCartney Merchandise - Multi Item Manufacturing

With literally hundreds of items to choose from, and all screen printed / embroidered right here in the USA, put your brand, product, team, church or band out ahead of the pack with this high-quality, quick turnaround merchandise from McCartney. Send us an email at and let’s start your product line!

McCartney Branded Merch. & On-Demand Printing

Whilst we'd love you to order one of our fashionable and sometimes witty T-shirts from the McCartney Merch Store, the point here is we can also create a turnkey online store for YOUR brand. Our partner will manufacture items one-at-a-time and ship them for you. All you have to do is decide the markup between cost and retail, and we will send you a check for the difference. Better yet, you get a list of all your customers' email addresses so we can plan an ongoing marketing campaign.

Contact us today for more information about this low-cost, no-barrier-to-entry foray into the merchandising world. Who doesn't love a fresh, new T-Shirt?