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Why Branding?
Whether conscious or subliminal, we're all influenced by brands every single day. The silver apple on the back of every iPhone, iPad and Mac laptop as we walk through an airport, office building or watch TV. The hidden arrow inside the FedEx logo which signifies "moving forward" on every package, truck and pick up point. Have a look at our video and portfolio and if you think we should chat, give us a ring. We're on Pacific Time from M-F from 9ish till whenever we close. 310-301-8166.

Whether it's logo development/brand identity, marketing materials and collateral or product packaging design, we've got you covered.

Logo development can be a simple, straightforward project but it can also get into many iterations, revisions, versions, icons, trademark searches etc.,

There are questions in the kick-off process such as:
1. Will the logo ever need to be animated?
2. Do you need a square "icon" version for social media?
3. Will it ever be embroidered?
4. Do you need us to register the Trademark for you?
5. Do you need us to develop and additional style guide/ brand rules document for your marketing / social media team on usage rules?

Click the images below to see the detail of just SOME of the identities our team has developed.

Download Branding Portfolio (PDF)

The 3 Rs of Branding
Revenue depends upon recognition, repetition and reputation.
The Components
Just like any great dish, a great brand is composed of several ingredients, all layered and prepared in the correct order at the correct time. The trick is to impact as many of the senses of the prospect over time.

• Color palette
• Font
• Logo
• Icon
• Byline
• Brand promise
• Brand story
• Tone of voice for MarCom (all marketing / communications)

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Where McCartney Comes In
With 20+ years in the business, we have the expertise, hindsight and digital future firmly within our grasp. Your brand has to fit you. It has to perform on paper, online, in person and on mobile devices. It has to support your vision and passion, and as your business evolves, your brand needs to continue to lead the way. We stay by your side to assess perception and performance, to advise course corrections, navigate technology, media (social and traditional) and most of all, help you stay the course.