Consumer Brand Marketing

Graphic credit: Karen Gunton

Graphic credit: Karen Gunton

Marketing is not advertising. Marketing is not selling. Marketing is connecting the dots in the mind of the consumer between the essence of your brand and what you say when you sell your products. Staying top-of-mind in an overloaded world of selfies, hashtags and noise. It's about building value in your brand and connecting it to other like-minded people who share an audience, a vision and a passion. And these days, it's "word of mouse."

Marketing done wrong can ruin your brand and wear out its' welcome mat with your customers. Done right, it can connect to them where they live, dream, grow, donate, volunteer and raise their families.

Those families are, after all, your next generation of customers. If you get your marketing right...

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Investor Acquisition Marketing

Attracting potential investors to a start-up business or an established brand is an important process. All touch points from first impressions to repeat messaging through print, web and social require a specific call to action. McCartney works closely with the business founders to tell the story accurately, develop creative presentations from PDF decks to videos and websites, all whilst managing compliance and the complicated legalities of the 2016 Jobs Act. (Forbes)

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