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This site is dedicated to everything McCartney. JimPaul, Linda, Stella, Mike, Dr. Angie, Ruth, Mary, James, The Beatles and many more of this prodigious family. Here’s a little history behind the name.

McCartney (surname)

McCartney (a variant of Macartney or MacCartney) is a surname that originated in Ireland. It is not to be confused with McCarthy, which has different origins.

The McCartneys are a branch of the great family of McCarthy Mor of Munster, who were Kings of Cork and Princes of Desmond. The fifth son of Cormac Fionn (d. 1248) was Donogh Cartnach who is the ancestor of the McCartneys. Donough Cartnach left 2 sons, the eldest Donal joined Edward Bruce (King of Ireland), brother of Robert the Bruce (King of Scotland). For serving under Robert the Bruce’s standard, Donal received a grant of land in Argylleshire, called ‘Glen Artney’ (Grid 56.22 degrees North 4.0 degrees West) from the King of Scotland.