NetSpots® keep your message on the move. Social and email compatible commercials posted online or delivered straight to your customers' inbox. Using sophisticated compression techniques and incorporating video, images, sound and text, present your brand in today's most searched environment. Video. 

NetSpots Platinum

These Netspots use top of the line "organic" ingredients, and comprise custom shot video and imagery and specifically written copy for the strategy and creative message, targeted to the determined audience. They come with an entire film and edit crew, copy writers and music scoring, and are Hi-Def broadcast quality. The brand's the thing.

NetSpots Gold

We create a custom storyboard and interweave pre-existing content from your video and stills archives to craft a concise cocktail of top-of-mind and to-the-point messaging. You will also have a wide choice of music from our extended library. Mobile marketing...just press play.

NetSpots Silver (Templates)

Created from a library of templates, we add your images, videos and message to create 15, 30 or 60 second videos that are online, mobile and broadcast compatible. Each template comes with a choice of library music from our pre-recorded Netloopz library.

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