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Conversation is the new Currency

Did you know that there are now 1.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger?
Data has shown that users conduct more of their daily activities within Messenger than they do with posts.
This astronomical shift in social media usage, combined with the ability to tap into Facebook’s API and do things like send “broadcasts” to multiple page followers all at once, has translated to 91% open rates and 77% click through rates. Email marketing is sadly much much lower than that these days.

At McCartney Multimedia, we've begun referring to this as “Conversational Currency”, and it's created by the creation of a campaign by our crack team of marketing experts, launching campaigns using Facebook Live, individualized conversations over time with your FB Messenger users, programming of a data dictionary to humanize your robot when he/she answers and propagation of your message, campaign, contest and branding through directly to your audience.


Major brands have been using bots for customer support for years. You’ve probably interacted with one without even knowing it. With McCartney Messenger, you can deploy these same strategies right where your ideal customer already is. In Facebook Messenger.

Let’s face it, although email fatigue is real - it’s a form of communication that isn’t going away anytime soon. But if you aren’t leveraging Facebook Messenger, you’re leaving money on the table.


Remember, conversation IS the new currency. A currency created by people who share their enthusiasm for a topic, a conversation with their peers. Because conversations are peer-mediated, they have more authority—this is often referred to as “social proof,” and it’s famously known to tip the scales for sales of Amazon products. However, what Conversational Currency reveals to us is the value that conversations between peers can create and is a substantial force to be reckoned with.

When people discover something meaningful in a “conversational” experience, they are much more likely to share that experience in another conversation as if it were their own. Conversations about brand experiences, topical perspectives and innovative ideas all have the potential to translate into currency through increased brand awareness which ultimately leads to increased sales.

Today, value added conversations are increasingly creating a draw to people who have an affinity to a brand, an experience, or a topic of interest. What we consume and how we consume it are important parts of developing “conversational currency. Conversational Currency is created by the propagation of a conversation by others that incorporate your conversation into their own narratives. The more valuable your conversation is, the more likely it is to be propagated by others.

Publishing great content every day requires a muscle that not all marketers have right now. The growing prominence of real-time marketing has made that very clear. It is vital to have the right team and processes ready in advance. While certain initiatives and opportunities might happen rapidly in the moment, you need to have a solid social infrastructure already in place to be able to turn on a dime with real-time marketing.

And it doesn’t need to be limited to just social. Real-time marketing may have started on social platforms, but it’s expanding to other digital platforms as well, such as digital-out-of-home and display.

So, how do we do it, you ask?

Well, that's the secret sauce and we wouldn't want to give away Grandma's recipe away now, would we?

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