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Sweet Alice Harris and Dr. Angie McCartney

Sweet Alice Harris and Dr. Angie McCartney

For her upcoming documentary “Here's a Story” featuring strong and powerful women who make an impact on society, we filmed at The Watts Coffee House interviewing Sweet Alice Harris, re-living the Watts Riots of the 60's and what changed in the community.
(Martin Nethercutt, Director)

Dr. Angie McCartney: “Mid March saw us meeting with some wonderful people at The Watts Coffee House in Los Angeles. Sgt. Jack Richter of LAPD set the wheels in motion, and it was coordinated by Hannah Levian of Coro Southern California. I had prepared a script of 9 questions to put to Sweet Alice Harris, Executive Director of “Parents of Watts.” After the first question – script be damned! I abandoned it when I saw that Sweet Alice was on a roll. Her tales of her experiences were incredible.

She is a much honored lady who lived through the Watts riots, and formed her non profit organization, which is thriving today, providing shelter, food, clothing, educational opportunities, mentoring, and a million other benefits to the people of Watts. Her Thanksgiving and Christmas parties are legendary, when she doles out turkeys to families, toys and even 400 bicycles to children in the community. She was ably assisted by her daughter Linda Harris-Forster and granddaughter Jonetta Woods, and we could have shot an entire movie around Sweet Alice alone. Donations can be made via the website:

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