Video Production Up Close

Final Cut X session of Nick Marechal's EPK   (

Final Cut X session of Nick Marechal's EPK (

A brief look "behind the scenes" of a video timeline in Final Cut X. To my mind, video editors never get enough credit for the work they do. From choosing the right video clips, sound, music, voice over and animation, the actual process of editing all theses materials is extremely complex. The storyline has to work, be correctly "paced" in order not to "bore" the audience and offer "fresh" content all the time throughout the entire movie. At the same time, the overall "message" has to be preserved without losing context. So, when all the scenes are shot, all the audio is selected my formula is this: For every shoot day, you have to allow for 3 days of editing. Then, step back, allow the film to "breathe" and look at it with fresh eyes, do final adjustments and then you're ready to publish.
(Martin Nethercutt)