The videos, which can and should live in the “header” section of your website, will introduce the audience to the 4 pillars, and serve to create a clear message of what the each of these key points signify within SGK LA, and the organization as a whole. We will use a clean, simple style, along with the new SGK Pantone colors in graphics, wardrobe and props accents, highlighting key points, and keeping with the national SGK branding and style.  High end cameras, lighting and sound will create a professional and polished look, but not overly commercialized.  

The talent ideally would be ‘real people’, (not actors) to add a sense of validity to their delivery of subject matter. Casting should focus on positive, energetic and well spoken people to represent SGK LA. Performances will be comforting but genuine.

The finished pieces can be post-produced to full length (per the script) and also edited down for TV / media buys (:60 :30 :15), YouTube preroll ads (6 seconds) and turned into 15-second Instagram / FB / Twitter Card “Spotlights”. Click here for more examples.

There is therefore a need for us to have webmaster access to your website to be able to embed these videos. If you wish, we are also able to offer services to clean up expired and redundant pages and examine your SEO code.



Your webpage >>“Research Programs”<< is an ideal spot for video to explain the breadth, longevity and depth of involvement SGK National has had in the research field over the last 33 years. Currently, that link doesn’t have any emotional or call-to-action content to compel the visitor to get involved, donate or find out more. The links on the left to >>“How to Apply for Community Grants”<< have long since expired thus this section feels “abandoned.” By adding video, both newly shot and edited from existing lab/research footage we can empassion the viewer to take next steps to become an active donor, sponsor and advocate for SGK LA. A good example of the tone for this pillar would be:

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 4.05.31 PM.png


Since there is no web page on your site with the heading of “CARE” specifically, the user has to hunt around to find out more precise information regarding screenings, diagnostics, treatment assistance services, clinical trials and other nationally funded services. A search for the word “CARE” on your >>sitemap page<< returns zero results and could leave the user feeling lost.

Therefore, it is our contention that a concise video encompassing all these elements be made available to give an “umbrella” view of the CARE pillar to the uneducated viewer.

Here is how these organizations are tackling their video messaging by type (although the production value in some cases is not optimal):
Mayo Clinic - oncology Doctors in hospital setting
Johns Hopkins - interview / green screen setting
M.D. Anderson - animation with VO

With McCartney Multimedia shaping the messaging and McCartney Studios at the production helm, we can do better!

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 4.06.25 PM.png


This is an ideal area to storyboard and create video from past events with the goal of making the donations and attendance larger, and continue to grow audiencesfor future events and initiatives such as the MORE THAN PINK Walk, The MBC Conference, Circle of Promise, Race for the Cure, The Culinary Showdown etc.

The idea is to showcase not only all the great events in LA County, but also to highlight the great PEOPLE in the SGK LA community (see next page), working together towards one common goal, whilst having FUN and raising money.

An example of an “on the fly” piece shot on iPhones is here:

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 4.07.42 PM.png


This series of videos will place emphasis on “Call-to-Action” messaging, whether it be encouraging reticent women to go for their screenings, drafting in volunteers, registering participants and spokespeople for events and calling for donors. For example, SU2C took a world event with huge hashtag and visibilty potential - ie International Women’s Day, and shaped their message around the globally recognized calendar date.