Is social media part of an effective SEO strategy, or is does it require a different approach?

Search Results: We’ve been hearing for years that SEO is the only way to boost your search results, and the implications are there that if you aren’t investing in SEO, you’re not doing business right. But social media, as part of an SEO strategy might be providing better results on its own.

Here are three areas where Social is better than SEO:

Faster Indexing: By sharing your content on your social channels, you may find your site is indexed
faster than it would be by submitting directly to the search engines. As more people share your content, you’ll find your search results improve drastically.

Viral Branding: Your target audience is looking for great information, and when they find it, they’re likely to share it, as opposed to SEO, where people need to be looking for your brand or service before they even visit your site.

Increased Engagement: If you’re doing social right, you’re creating conversations with your audience, and not just blasting them with endless memes, "buy nows" and kitten images. Talk with them when they connect with you to show that your enterprise is much more than a faceless corporation – it’s a group of real people working together to ensure your customers get what they need.