Interactive Compendium

This page is contains links to topics for Ruth McCartney's lecture: 
"Big Data: The Convergence of Accounting and Analytics"


NorseCorp: "Live Feed of Cyber Attacks"

Internet Live Stats: "Live Overview of Internet Activities"

World Population: "Current Live Feed"

U.S.National Debt: "US Debt Clock Live"

2016 Zika Outbreak: "Harvard Interactive Map"


How Big is a Zettabyte? "Data Sizes Explained"

Derek Sivers' TED Talk "Tokyo Taxi"

Accounting's Big Data Problem: "Reality is swiftly outpacing the ability of accountants to embrace Big Data. How can they catch up?"

Big Data Case Study: "What forensic accountants need to know"

The Big Problem with Big Data: "For Big Accounting Firms"

Big Data = Big Opportunities: "Did you see Moneyball?"

Forensic Accounting and Big Data: "A Powerful Tool"

Big Growth For Big Data: "IDC Forecast 2010-2015"

The Growth of Big Data in Finance and Accounting